New Texas “Revenge Porn” Laws

New Texas “Revenge Porn” Laws

Effective September 1, 2015, new civil and criminal provisions apply to persons who unlawfully disclose or promote intimate visual material or even threaten to do so. “Revenge Porn” is the term often used to refer to intimate or sexually explicit photos or videos uploaded to the internet, usually by men who do it to strike back at a former girlfriend or spouse.

revenge_pornIn California the operator of a revenge porn website recently was sentenced to 18 years in prison. Victims included teachers, wives and professionals. The compromising photos cost people jobs, damaged relationships and led one person to attempt suicide.  Authorities said the site operator had created a second website and used it to solicit payments of $250 to $350 from victims who wished to have the photographs deleted. If you click on this link, you can hear victims of revenge porn describing their experiences:

Although the Texas laws are new, the phenomenon of revealing sex tapes, whether as revenge porn or simply for sport, is not new. Way back in 1990 a young man was hit with a million-dollar verdict for allegedly showing a sex tape to his college buddies. According to the New York Times, a witness reported that, after the verdict, the Houston law firm defending the college guy showed the film in-house and that staff were “watching it like a stag film.” The L.A. Times reported that the law firm was threatened with suit by the victim’s firm and quickly settled for $650,000.

Recently, a former Galveston judge was charged with creating “fake online ads saying two ex-girlfriends were available for sex-for-hire.” The charges were for online harassment, rather than revenge porn.

Texas courts will be dealing with lawsuits, prosecutions, and legal questions arising from the new revenge porn laws, and the McCabe Law Firm will be monitoring the developments. If you have issues connected to revenge porn, please contact the firm.

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