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The McCabe Law Firm
A Litigation Practice

Neil McCabe is a lawyer who handles both trials and appeals. He joined The O'Quinn Law Firm in 2003 and served as senior counsel and as legal advisor to the legendary trial lawyer John O’Quinn until his untimely death.

Before joining the O’Quinn Law Firm, Mr. McCabe was a full-time law professor for nearly 20 years, teaching advocacy, criminal law, procedure, evidence, and constitutional law. During that time he also handled cases ranging from theft and white collar crime to capital murder and the death penalty. Mr. McCabe also served as a lawyer and an expert in several cases
involving attempts to disqualify, discipline, or remove public officials.

Mr. McCabe has been involved in cases in the trial and appellate courts of Texas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Arizona, California, Georgia, and Florida, in the Federal Fifth and Ninth Circuits, in petitions to the United States Supreme Court, and in arbitrations in Houston and London, England, as well as legal matters in Scotland and in the Bahamas. He has worked on cases involving piracy and abduction of oil rig workers off the coast of Africa, the sinking of an offshore oil rig in Mexican waters, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act as applied to oil concessions in Africa, a dispute over oil and gas interests in Kazakhstan, construction disputes, medical malpractice, industrial accidents, automobile wrecks, truck accidents,
diet-drug litigation, predatory lending practices, securities fraud and market manipulation, contempt of court, attorney fee disputes, libel and slander, wills, trusts and estates, legal malpractice, and inverse condemnation.

Mr. McCabe was involved in extensive litigation stemming from the deaths of Anna Nicole Smith and her son. He is quoted at length in THE KILLING OF ANNA NICOLE SMITH, a book by Judge Larry Seidlin.

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